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Barbaroslar Episode 9 Oruj becomes enraged with Pasha after discovering Ilyas’ injury in the Barbaroslar episode. Ilyas is innocent, claims Oruj. Oruj is urged to calm down by Kemal. Despite Oruj threatening to kill Pasha, Kemal is able to calm him down. Mesih requests that Kemal detain Oruj. The men of Don Diego attempt to seize Sahbaz from Khizir. Sahbaz takes advantage of this opening and runs towards the woods. Khizir starts to follow Sahbaz after leaving some soldiers on the battlefield. Esma claims she will kill the Mesih and pulls out a revolver from her home. Isabel and Meryem halt Esma. Esma causes Hume to become enraged once more.

Barbaroslar Episode 9 with Urdu Subtitles

When Sahbaz approaches him, he realizes Khizir is on his ship. To avoid travelling to Kelemez, Sahbaz tries to jump from the ship into the water, but Khizir stops him. When Gabriel finds out that Khizir stole Sahbaz from Don Diego, he becomes very enraged. Gabriel dispatches every ship he possesses to kill Khizir. Kemal asserts that he must carry out Shehzade’s directive and wait for Ilyas to make a full recovery. The Venetian navy starts launching shots at Khizir’s vessel. Khizir devises a strategy to avoid the hostile ships and signals Hassan about it. Hassan severely damages opposing ships thanks to Khizir’s successful plot.

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Ilyas begins to apologize to Oruj and claim his innocence as soon as he awakens. Prior to Kemal’s arrival, Oruj kidnaps Ilyas from the hospital after claiming to believe him. Kemal commences the trial when he gets back to the castle. Sahbaz claims that Ilyas is well-informed and that he didn’t collaborate with Gabriel. Oruj tries to talk to Pierro by claiming that this is a falsehood. Pierro quickly comes clean about everything. Ilyas kills Pasha’s personal helper. Khizir puts Pierro to death. To get back at Sahin, Oruj kills Sahbaz.

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Murat and Piri travel to see Don Diego. Don Diego enters the castle and declares that he has come to speak with Khizir. Don Diego discusses the events at Jijel and demands that Khizir pay 10,000 gold for his dead troops. Don Diego is informed by Oruj that no payment will be made. Don Diego returns to his ship after informing Oruj that he has one day to pay the required sum of money. When Doge finds out what transpired at Kelemez, he is upset with Gabriel for failing. Burak visits Kelemez that evening.

Barbaroslar Episode 9 with Urdu Subtitles

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Khizir starts outlining their plan of attack for Modon. The Crusader fleet will be stopped, Burak and Kemal concur. Esma apologizes to Huma and says she regrets all she done. Ilyas is asked by Khizir to join the Modon battle. Before entering battle, Meryem speaks with Khizir and promises to wait for him calmly. Isabel goes to speak with Oruj as well. Dervish prays in the castle with all the warriors and begs Allah for assistance. Kemal intervenes to support Burak’s ships. Burak orders the crew to disembark after announcing that he will blow up the ship’s powder kegs. Pedro arrives at Burak’s ship and admits his error. Burak’s ships start exploding in the meantime, decimating the Crusader fleet. Gabe informs the Doge.


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