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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 117 Urdu Dubbed

Osman is selected as the new leader in Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 117, and the tribe is ecstatic about this. To get away, Flatyos poisons Bala. Dundar’s election rigging and his secret communication with Nikola are revealed to Osman. In the meantime, the Pope’s spies visit the plain while posing as traders to start gathering information. Osman invites the Turkish Beys to Sogut in order to arrange a meeting, but Flatyos murders some of the intended attendees. Osman becomes extremely irate over this and makes preparations to kidnap Inegol.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 117 Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 117 Dundar continues to have clandestine intentions to take control of the tribe and has even enlisted the aid of the spies of the Pope. With additional men from Constantinople, Nikola attacks Osman but is defeated. Nikola starts to build a new crusader army as payback and kidnaps Savci’s son. Goktug, who was banished as a result of Osman’s choice, travels to see Nikola with Targun. Nikola establishes an alliance with Goktug because he believes that he wants to avenge Osman. Bayhoca is saved by Osman.

Following Goktug, Nikola joins forces with Dundar and declares his intention to eliminate Osman. Osman’s papers are taken by Targun after he attacks the plain. Malhun and her warriors arrive to support Osman in the meantime, and as a result, Nikola is forced to alter his original intentions. Targun passes away as a result of Malhun, but Bala finds her unsettling. Malhun is given a piece of land where her clan can live while Osman searches for the Pope’s spies.
Osman assaults Nikola, but Bayhoca gets hurt as a result. Savci desires to support his son. When Togay, the new commander of Geyhatu, arrives in the border region, the entire balance of power is altered. Malhun attempts to alert Osman during his brief stay in the plain after realizing there is a traitor.

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Togay attacks Osman’s meeting using the information he obtained from the spies, hurting Umur. The other Beys’ faith in Osman is damaged as a result of this circumstance. To get her father’s revenge, Malhun attacks Togay but is unsuccessful. Nikola arrives from Constantinople and assaults Sogut right away. Together with Savci, Osman searches the plain for the traitor. Cerkutay begins conversing with Bamsi after declaring that he will no longer serve for the Mongols.

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Umur is given a deal by Nikola to leave Osman alone. Umur agrees to this in order to profit and attack Inegol at the same time. Osman warns Umur not to conduct business with the Byzantines as Togay attacks, killing Abdurrahman. Osman expresses his extreme rage at the circumstance and vows to exact revenge on the martyrs.

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 117 Urdu Dubbed

First, Osman takes out the spies. The following morning, Osman declares that Dundar shall be put to death. Dundar dies in front of everyone because he wants Osman to put him to death. Togay rebels against the governor’s orders to execute Osman. Nikola receives a phone call from the Emperor’s son informing him of his final opportunity. With a Macedonian commander, Nikola creates an offensive strategy. To grant his father’s demand and create an heir apparent, Osman marries Malhun.
A boy is shortly born from Malhun. For the final time, Osman and Nikola start to fight. Nikola believes he has won the battle when the Sultan returns to Konya.

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