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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 Urdu Dubbed

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 The founder of the Ottoman dynasty and the leader of the Ottoman Turks was Osman I, sometimes known as Osman Gazi or, inadvertently, Othman. Later, the dynasty that bears his name founded and controlled the fledgling Ottoman Empire.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 Urdu

Some academics contend that Osman’s first name, Atman or Ataman, was Turkish and wasn’t changed to Osman until much later. Osman is an Arabic name. Early Byzantine records spell Osman’s name as v (Atouman) or (Atman), but Greek sources frequently translate both the Arabic form uthmn and the Turkish equivalent osmn with,, or. These earliest sources include Osman’s contemporary George Pachymeres. In one instance, an early Arabic source that mentions him also uses rather than. Thus, Osman might have later in life chosen the more illustrious Muslim name.

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Article focus: Osman’s Dream
Osman, the dervish spiritual leader Sheikh Edebali, whose daughter he married, and I were good friends. Later Ottoman writers invented a tale about the two men’s friendship in which Osman dreamed while staying at the Sheikh’s home to explain how they met.[19] The following is how the tale is described in Aşkpaşazade’s chronicle from the late fifteenth century:

He observed that a moon emerged from the holy man’s breast and then descended into his own. Then a tree appeared to grow from his navel, and its shadow covered the entire planet. Mountains and streams poured from the base of each mountain beneath this cover. Some individuals drank from these flowing waters, while others used them to irrigate gardens, and still others caused

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Urdu Dubbed

Osman inspiring the Gazi troops to fight in this illustration.
Shaw claims that Osman’s first significant conquests came after the Seljuk Empire’s fall, when he was able to take control of the fortifications of Eskişehir and Karacahisar. Then he conquered Yenişehir, the first important city in his realms, which later became the capital of the Ottoman Empire.[18] In 1302, Osman started stationing his troops closer to Byzantine-controlled territory after soundly defeating a Byzantine force near Nicaea.
The Byzantines progressively left the Anatolian countryside as they grew concerned about Osman’s expanding power. Ottoman expansion was sought to be restrained by Byzantine authorities, but their actions were poorly planned and ineffective. The remainder of Osman’s rule was spent extending his power in two directions: north along the Sakarya River’s course and southwest towards the Sea of Marmara.

Osman’s most recent campaign was against Bursa. Even though Osman was not there during the conflict, the Ottomans’ success at Bursa proved to be crucial because the city acted as a staging area for their offensive against the Byzantines in Constantinople and as Orhan, Osman’s son,’s newly embellished capital. Osman is said to have passed away shortly after Bursa was taken by the Ottomans, however other academics contend that his passing should actually have occurred in 1324, the year of Orhan’s succession.

Kurulus Osman All Seasons Urdu Dubbed

Bursa’s Türbe (tomb) of Osman
Osman’s family relationships are largely unknown due to the dearth of sources about his life. According to several fifteenth-century Ottoman historians, Osman was derived from the Kay branch of the Oghuz Turks. This claim later formed a part of the recognised Ottoman genealogy and was eventually codified in the writings of M. F. Köprülü in the Turkish Nationalist historical tradition. The claim to Kay’s lineage, though, is absent from the earliest surviving Ottoman lineages. Therefore, many academics who study the early Ottomans consider it to be a later fiction created to support dynastic legitimacy in the eyes of the empire’s Turkish enemies in Anatolia.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 48 Urdu Dubbed

The many tales the Ottomans recounted about Osman and his achievements are very difficult for historians to distinguish between fact and mythology, and the Ottoman sources do not always concur.[27] According to one rumour, Osman had a fight with his uncle Dündar early in his career. Dündar argued that they already had enough enemies, but Osman wanted to attack the nearby Christian lord of Bilecik. Osman shot and killed his uncle with an arrow, taking this to be a challenge to his authority.[28] Few later texts of Ottoman history include this tale. If it were true, it would suggest that it was probably hidden to prevent tarnishing.

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